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Found at the XXXVIth edition, Speoarta Festival gathers each year cavers and artists who manage to present through photography and film the silent and wonderful world of caves, a world which would remain unknown if the people passionate about exploring the depths would not bring it to light.

Speoarta is a project included in The National Speleology Congres, the annual romanian speleological meeting.  At the same time, the event will be a special one, creating the perfect opportunity to meet national personalities, to join specific presentations, conferences, contests and not in the last place  exceptional caving trips in Pădurea Craiului Mountains.

During the festival there will be organized contests with karst content, exhibitions, outdoor activities, trips, workshops, underground explorations and many other activities in order to attract youngsters to practice these activities.

After 3 successful editions and a long break, in 2016 Speoarta Festival returns to Blaj, the city where 53 years ago Polaris Speleology Club was born, a club with tradition in Romania that had an important contribution in Romanian karst exploration. In 2016 Polaris brings back to life SpeoArta, in 2017 organizes the XXXVth edition with a great success and impact, in 2018 we take SpeoArta to Baru Mare, including the festival as part of the biggest Speleological event.

To keep the tradition, from passion for the underground photography, during 30th August – 01st September 2019, we will bring SpeoArta in Bihor county, at Suncuiuş partnering in the National Speleology Congres.

The beautiful underground is a world that you can get to know very hard, with lots of effort, sacrifice, passion and in difficult conditions.  The cave environment, even if it is a hostile one, hides rare and fragile beauties. Speoarta 2018 Festival, invites everyone to get to know this world and to explore it together with the caving photographers.

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